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In this wise and gentle book, Peter offers thoughts and meditations for every week of the year that help us put things back into perspective and restore balance.

Calling on his many years experience, both in therapy and in life, this collection of beautiful vignettes—accompanied by inspirational quotations from sources as diverse as Carl Jung to Walt Disney—are a reflection of the sense of joy and inner sanity that lives somewhere in each one of us, even in the midst of our difficulties

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Inside this book you will find reflections that speak to the heart and the mind, bringing clarity that will go on resonating long after you put it down
Originally appearing as monthly columns on Peter's website, these meditations have now been collected in book form and published by Red Valley Press

*Also available on Amazon, Kindle and in good book stores

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With more than 30 years hypnosis experience, Peter has helped many others overcome life's toughest issues and he can help you too...

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With his systematic approach, Peter can guide you to work at the deepest, subconscious level where real change can take place...

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