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What is Claustrophobia?

hypnotherapy for claustrophobia
Claustrophobia is perhaps the best known of all phobias. In one way or another it is thought to affect a good 5% of the adult population.

Typically, claustrophobia is defined as the fear of enclosed spaces. But for those suffering from this limiting and debilitating condition, it goes beyond this.

For the claustrophobic person, it might be more accurate to say that claustrophobia is the fear of being trapped with no escape route.

What causes Claustrophobia?

The origins of claustrophobia lie always in the past.

At some time in the past, the younger self has experienced a situation or situations that produced fear. Perhaps the person was in an elevator/lift when the doors failed to open or maybe in a car, plane, crowded room or other enclosed space and experienced feelings of anxiety or panic.

The anxiety and fear then became 'programmed in' to the subconscious mind as a 'conditioned response', causing the individual to experience these feelings in any situation where the possibility of being trapped with no clear escape route might exist.

Symptoms of Claustrophobia: How it affects the Individual

hypnotherapy for claustrophobia
The claustrophobic person may go to great lengths in order to ensure that they have a clear escape route. In acute cases, they may insist on having the door left open in any room they enter, positioning themselves close to the exit.

Often, elevators are simply out of bounds, forcing the individual to climb endless stairs rather than experience the stifling, trapped feelings they associate with lifts.

Some find air travel or travelling by train extremely difficult or even impossible, while others have a hard time driving or even being in a car.

Needless to say, any of this can impact on and have consequences for the individual on many levels, seriously affecting their work, social and personal life.

Effective Claustrophobia Treatment

hypnotherapy for claustrophobia
The first thing is to fully realize that you were not born with this fear -- you learned it. And as such, with the right help and treatment, you really can un-learn it.

And the good news is that this can usually be done rapidly and easily.

With the advanced techniques of Hypnotherapy we can uncover the causes of the claustrophobic's conditioned response and then 're-programme' the subconscious mind so that the person is permanently freed from this restrictive and debilitating fear.

If you or someone you care about suffers from the really inconvenient and restricting condition known as Claustrophobia, Advanced Hypnotherapy can truly bring the lasting relief you need and deserve.

With advanced hypnotic techniques, we specialize in guiding and helping people reach and realise their own inner wisdom, together we can guide and help you to find your own way out of claustrophobia.

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Hypnotherapy is a brief therapy and treatment that offers rapid help for the claustrophobic individual, bringing about a real and permanent solution to claustrophobia.

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