Hypnotherapy for TraumaPTSD / Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

hypnotherapy for trauma
Today the word 'trauma' has become a part of our everyday vocabulary, yet it is a word that is often misused.

When used in a psychological context, the term 'trauma' refers to an emotional response that far exceeds the usual level of distress and discomfort that might ordinarily be experienced. It is almost certainly related to an intensely disturbing event or events that have occurred at some time in the person's past.

I am now looking forward to the future, instead of fearing it...
- Sam Povey, Warwickshire

Such an event or events may have been the result of sexual, physical and/or emotional injury, the consequence of difficult experiences that the traumatised person was forced to go through.

Trauma and PTSD Symptoms

Most often, shock or denial are the typical responses to trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, while longer term symptoms of trauma usually include mood swings, and unpredictable emotions, frightening flash-backs, and physical symptoms such as headaches, cold sweats, and nauseaus feelings.

ptsd symptoms

All of these feelings are natural, yet they were not meant to last. With the traumatized person, they remain for far too long, and he or she can find it difficult to move forward with their life.

Trauma can damage relationships and impact negatively on work, closing down options and restricting to a life lived in the shadow of the past. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can turn what was once a normal existence into a living hell, with each day and night bringing even greater disturbance and upheaval.

The good news is that with correctly applied hypnotherapy, we can help people experiencing trauma or PTSD symptoms to let go of the past and move on with their life.

Traumatic Disorder

traumatic disorder
A useful way to view trauma is as a wound that has not healed. With the right kind of therapeutic help, however, it is a wound that can indeed heal. Once the healing is complete, the wound closes and becomes a scar. The facts have not changed, and the scar remains, but the hurt is no longer there to fester and damage.

Perhaps the most disruptive form of trauma is PTSD, or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The nightmare of PTSD is in a league of its own, in its ability to turn a person's life upside down and inside out. It is a condition capable of causing terrible distress.

I am not what happened to me. I am what I chose to become...
- Carl Jung

How to Deal with TraumaTrauma & PTSD Hypnosis Therapy

hypnotherapy for trauma
The process of treating trauma and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder with hypnotherapy is by nature intense, but it is also comprehensive. It can be temendously effective. In order to regain its balance, the subconscious mind needs to re-process the past events that are the cause of those terrible, disruptive feelings.

Additionally, the correct nutritional support needs to be provided in order for the brain to fully recover and function at optimum levels. Hypnotherapy treatment for PTSD is one of the very best ways to free a person from the nightmare of trauma.

Hypnotherapy for Trauma

When the healing process is completed, balance returns and life again becomes manageable. As Dr Gordon Emerson, leading authority on Ego State Therapy rightly says:

The knowledge of occurence will rightly continue, but the disruptions of an unhealed, unprocessed trauma can be replaced with an ability to react physically and emotionally in a manner appropriate...

And this, surely, is the goal and purpose of any Hypnotherapy treatment for trauma.

hypnotherapy for trauma
If you—or someone you care about—suffer from trauma or from PTSD, do not despair, real help is available. Unique and individualized hypnotherapy for trauma can help you resolve the nightmare of trauma and take back control of your life.

With our comprehensive and uniquely tailored CHI-HypnoTherapy™ approach, you can be released from the nightmare of trauma. You can live life free from the haunting occurences of the past and move on with your life undisturbed by the past.

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