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For the first time in my life I feel free to go wherever I want without worry.
I no longer suffer from shy bladder and I feel great. Thank you...
- S.W. London

shy bladder
Shy or 'bashful bladder' is something that is thought to affect about 6% of the male population, although figures vary, depending on the survey.

While many people have brief, isolated episodes of urinary difficulty in situations where other people are in close proximity, fear of urinating, as a phobia, goes beyond simple shyness, embarrassment, or desire for privacy in that it is much more severe.

The irony is that most people suffering from this condition are unaware that hypnotherapy can indeed help with their fear of urinating.

What is Bashful Bladder?

The clinical name for this is paruresis, but it’s more commonly known as pee shyness, shy bladder syndrome, bashful bladder etc. Though it is a difficulty that affects mainly men, it can affect both sexes. Sufferers find it difficult or impossible to urinate in the real or imaginary presence of others—public toilets, for example.

shy bladder
This extends far beyond simple preference and, in many cases, the person is unable to physically empty their bladder. (Howard Marks has an excellent description of this in his book Mr Nice.) There is also a similar condition which affects bowel movement called parcopresis.

In severe cases, this disorder can have highly restricting effects on an person’s life. Sufferers may be unwilling to travel far from their home, while others cannot even urinate in their own home if someone else is near.

The good news is that hypnotherapy can indeed help with the fear of urinating, paruresis.

Help With Paruresis

With over 30 years of hypnosis experience, Peter has an in-depth understanding of how to guide and help people reach and realise their own potential. Using a life-time of experience, together with advanced therapeutic skills, he can help you find your own way out of this problem.

Fully aware that many people may find it difficult to discuss matters of an intimate, sexual nature, we promise that, as with all issues brought to us, we will treat you with respect, sensitivity and true consideration—and, of course, everything discussed with be completely confidential.

shy bladder
If you suffer from this debilitating condition, there really is something you can do about it. When it comes to shy bladder, advanced hypnotherapy can help in the most effective way possible.

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