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sexual oritentaion confusion
sexual oritentaion confusion
Let me begin by stating my firm belief that homosexuality, bisexuality and Trans identities and orientations are perfectly normal for those who are gay, bi or Trans and that there is absolutely nothing wrong with them.

As with heterosexuality, in and of themselves they are morally neutral. They most certainly are not sicknesses, and so need no healing. Nothing is broken and nothing therefore really needs fixing.

I am also convinced that the right to be who you are—and this includes the right to be who you are sexually and in the matter of gender identity—is amongst the most fundamental and inalienable of human rights. Absolutely no-one has the right to take this away from any human being.
how to be gay and happy
Problems can arise, however, when a person has difficulty coming to terms with a sexuality or gender identity that apperars to veer from that of the majority.

Often these difficulties reside, for whatever reason, in the person him or herself, and sometimes they arise in those who care about that individual—parents, family, partners and friends, for example.

sexual oritentaion confusion
Religious and social groups can also be intolerant and unaccepting, thereby compounding and complicating matters.

In the process of coming to terms with a different sexual orientation or gender identity, feelings such as guilt, shame, anxiety, depression, loss and confusion may be experienced and with these feelings may come anger—often inner-directed—together with a sense of low self-esteem and an attendant lack of self-confidence.

None of this is merited. None of this is an essential and useful response to a different sexual orientation.

We live, after all, in a society full of difference and we rightly celebrate that difference. Why then shouldn't we celebrate differences in sexuality and gender identity?

sexual oritentaion confusion
If you are having difficulty coming to terms with your sexual orientation, gender identity, or with that of someone you care about, perhaps you would benefit from talking things over and working with a professional who has profound knowledge, understanding and insight in this area.

All calls are treated in the utmost confidence.

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