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hypnosis for habit
Habits are simply patterns of behaviour that a person has learned and which are difficult to break. Of course, not all habits are bad or unwanted. Habits such as brushing your teeth or looking in the rear view mirror when you're about to drive off, for example, are examples of useful and positive habits that serve us well.

Habits - The Scale Of Dependency

Habits and addictions are at opposing ends of the dependency scale. If you'd like to learn more about addictions, please see the Addictions page. But mo matter which end of the dependency scale you are at, if what you experience is having a negative effect on your life—or on the life of anyone else, for that matter—then something needs to be done about it. And it's here that Advanced Hypnotherapy can be of real help in habit breaking.

hypnosis for habit
The fact is that we developed negative habits when we were—consciously or subconsciously—passing through a period of vulnerability, perhaps when we were experiencing some form of emotional difficulty. And we became dependent on those habits for distraction, or relief, or as simple coping mechanisms.

Whatever form of negative habit you have developed, it began for a reason: nail biting, skin picking, hair pulling, teeth grinding, smoking, all began because some part of you believed that it was in your best interests to engage in this behaviour. It may have served as a distraction from difficult feelings, or it might have served some other purpose, but the original intent of the behaviour was undoubtedly positive in nature. Now it has outlived its purpose; something that is no longer useful or necessary, but still persists.

Break the Habit When You Are Truly Ready

hypnosis for habit
Perhaps you have already reached the stage where you've had enough of being the victim to a bad habit; maybe you've decided to finally do something to end your bad habit. If this is the case, then Peter's advanced hypnotherapy can really help you to end bad habits and do some real and permanent habit breaking.

With advanced hypnotic techniques, we specialize in guiding and helping people reach and realise their own inner wisdom, together we can help you end bad habits that are troubling you.

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