Change and Choice


One thing is clear: we live in uncertain times – times of real change. All about us things are being reshaped in ways that are beyond our individual control.

There are times when change seems to be galloping along at a relentless pace,
almost taking our breath away.

At other times change seems to come so slowly that we doubt it’s coming at all.
Times when life’s doldrums last far too long for our liking. Yet all around us the world continues to change.

And as our world changes, so we are challenged to respond.

Change can frighten as well as console. It can frustrate and diminish us as easily as
it can energize and restore us.

Like it or not, we must all dance to its tune.

Though we may not have control over the changes that sweep us and the world along, we do have control over the way we respond. What happens ‘out there’ is not nearly as important as what happens ‘in here’.

In this we have a choice. This we can control.

That wonderful, resilient spirit, Stephen Hawking – himself no stranger to change – once said that intelligence is the ability to adapt to change. If this is true, then we can all be intelligent. We can all choose to adapt to the changes that seem too easily to come our way.

Turbulence will come, and storms may rage, yet we can choose to remain strong, steadfast and firm. We can choose to stay true to our values, keeping faith with ourselves and with those things we hold dear.

Yes, change can be uncomfortable. It can unsettle and even disrupt. But it can also connect us with our own inner power.

When change comes we do not need to be its victim. We can use it to adapt and
forge an even greater, unbreakable link with the resilience and strength that lies somewhere within.

'I have accepted fear as part of life – specifically the fear of change...
I have gone ahead despite the pounding in the heart that says: turn back.'
– Erica Jong

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