Difficult Feelings


Have you ever paused to consider what life would be like without feelings and emotions? It would be pretty flat, wouldn’t it?

Yet it’s so easy to run from our emotions – especially those difficult ones, the ones that make us feel so uncomfortable.

Fear, anger, guilt, these are emotions that can unsettle even the strongest heart.
Who amongst us has never felt their power, their ability to disturb and send us scurrying for refuge?

Feelings and emotions aren’t there to be ignored or denied. They’re not there to be drugged away, drunk away, or buried beneath a mountain of food or a pile of pills. They’re there to be used.

Yes, emotions can feel overpowering, but they don’t need to disempower.
In every emotion there is a message. In each feeling there are instructions on how to live a better life.

When we listen to what the emotion is telling us then we can use this message to move forward into more comfortable feelings, a more balanced way of responding to the experiences and choices that our life presents.

In recognizing that our feelings – even those difficult ones – are a gift that bring with them a wonderful opportunity to change, then those feelings can propel us forward into a better way of doing things.

In listening to and acting effectively upon our uncomfortable feelings and emotions, we can make those changes that need to be made in order to feel better.

We cannot change the past, just as we cannot change the event that triggered the emotion, but we can learn from it, do whatever is necessary to put things straight,
and move forward.

The wonderful thing is that it’s never too late to do this.

Our easy, comfortable feelings tell us that what we are doing is right. They are rewards for living in harmony with our inner self and the world in which we live.

If you are struggling with uncomfortable feelings and difficult emotions, isn’t it time you did something about them?

The simple fact is that the more we act on and solve the riddle of our difficult feelings, the more comfortable we will feel.

'Our feelings are our most genuine path to knowledge'
– Audrey Lorde
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