There are times in life when whatever we do seems to meet with failure. Times when no matter what we try, it just doesn’t appear to work.

Sooner or later we all pass through it – that difficult feeling that apparent failure brings with it.

But because things didn’t work or work out, does this make us a failure?

Of course not!

The only real failure is to fail to learn from what we’ve been through, what we have experienced.

Did you try something that didn’t work, experience something that just didn’t work out – a job or business venture, a friendship or relationship that failed to bear fruit?

If you did then you’ve learned what doesn’t work, and now you’re so much closer to understanding what will work.

Is this really the time to mope and lick your wounds? Or is this the time for renewed action? What happened before doesn’t really matter now. What matters now is what you do.

Now is the time to pick yourself up and press on. Use that experience, tap into that inner strength, the wonderful resilience that is waiting for you there, deep inside.

Your journey may not have been easy, but now is not the time to give up or to give in. You have come so far, use what you have learned, and you can go even farther.

'Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently.'
– Henry Ford
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