Just Go On

just go on

Let’s face it, sometimes life is not easy. In fact, it can be hard. It can be difficult.

It’s not easy to soldier on when things aren’t going the way we’d like them to.

Our relationships don’t always run smoothly, and conflicting priorities can so easily distract us, sapping our energy and diverting us from meaningful achievements.

It’s not always easy to stay focused, disciplined, or fit.

But our difficulties don’t disappear by ignoring them. They need to be faced and dealt with. In choosing to deal with life’s difficulties we have the power to transform them – and in doing this we can transform ourselves.

We really do possess the ability to turn our challenges into something more fulfilling, more meaningful. After all, life doesn’t need to be easy for it to be great.

Regardless of how tough things get, no matter what storms or turbulence you face, remember to keep pushing on – even if, at times, you have no clear reason to do so.

Have faith in life itself and it will buoy you up and take you to the safety of the shore.

Sometimes life rewards us when the going gets really tough.
Not for great achievements, but just for going on.

"We are made to persist. That’s how we find out who we are"
— Tobias Wolff

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