Reflections In A Park


This sunny Sunday afternoon finds me in the park, enjoying the freedom to stroll or sit as I like.

Pen and notebook out, there is no hurry, no rush, just the sound of children playing and the gentlest of breezes on my skin.

Wouldn’t it be nice if these moments could stay even longer, if summer and its sunshine could last and last? But, of course, we cannot force the summer to stay or the sunlit days to linger.

Life has its own rhythm, a pace all of its own. And as the days move, so must we.

So many of the people who come to consult with me in my role as therapist seem stuck in their own rhythm, trying desperately to hold on to, or to let go of the way things were.

It can be difficult to accept that life’s changes are not always as we ourselves would wish. It’s easy to want things to be different.

But if we try to hold on to the way things used to be, or fail to free ourselves of what is now past, then we miss the wonderful magnificence of the way things can become.

In denying or trying to resist change we let life’s possibilities pass us by.

We cannot really hold on to one single moment. We can choose to live each moment with appreciation, gratitude and joy.

The days will shorten and the summer will pass, but there is a peace that comes with knowing that you have lived the gift that is today.

'He told them what they already knew.'
– My epitaph
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