Running Away


So many of our chosen distractions are there because we believe we just can’t cope without them.

Feeling unsteady and uncomfortable within, we all too easily seek the relief that distraction seems to offer – even though that distraction may not really be in our best interest or serve us too well.

Attempting to flee our difficulties and our fears it’s easy to automatically reach out to the distraction of food, drink, medication, or any number of compulsive behaviours.

The problem with such a strategy is that this kind of distraction is so often short-lived, and once over we are still tangled in those same uncomfortable feelings. We remain somehow afraid.

When we stop running from our difficulties and then decide to actually do something about them, then real change can occur.

Working through our difficulties and our difficult feelings, our mind becomes quieter and the need for distraction seems somehow less important. We are able to live in this moment, enjoy life more fully in the here and now.

Stepping off the wheel of constant worry and endless anxiety, we can focus our mind on that which really matters – our relationship with others and with our self.

There is a place beyond distraction and discomfort, a place beyond over-thinking and worry.

And the way to reach that place is not through running away from our problems, but facing them head-on and then doing something about them.

'Running away from the problem only increases the distance from the solution'
– Nishan Panwar
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