Standing on the Edge

standing on the edge

Earth has taken one more full circle around the sun and the days of the seasons have come and gone.

The old year is behind us now, but its memories and its teachings remain.

They are a part of us, just as the coming days and the coming seasons will so very soon become part of who we are, pages and chapters in the story that is our life.

And at this time, it's good to reflect. It's good to stop and to become aware of how very fortunate we really are to be here, paused for the briefest of moments on the edge of a whole new year: A year packed with fresh days and fresh seasons yet to be lived.

In this we are all equal. Each of us is here, standing before this gift that is a new year. In it there will be just 365 days and not a single moment more.

We do not have forever. Even our longings have limits.

One year from now how will you remember this New Year? What decisions will you have made and remained loyal to? How will you have moved forward and grown?

What will you have become that you are not today?

Make up your mind now that this year will be different from all the others. Let this be the year that you find some grass on which to go barefoot – and what the heck if people are watching; learn something new, something that is not connected with your work or with making money; do something nice, something kind for another person without letting on that it was you who did it.

Decide that this will be the year when you reach out beyond your imaginary limits and fears; the year you learn to grow and to be more fully and spontaneously you.

If there is something inside that has been holding you back, take this opportunity to do something about it.

Why not let this New Year be lived in the awareness that you are so much more than the experiences through which you have passed? This could be the year when you finally allow yourself to see that you are not your past.

You really do have choices, yet those choices only become available when you realize that they are there – and then decide to do something about it.

Why not begin right now? There really is no better time.

Look ahead to the coming year and see yourself becoming the person you want to become. Then make up your mind to be that person, the person you were really born to be, the person that you really are deep inside.

There is no hidden treasure of greater value than the year that is now here with you. It truly is priceless and it will not come again.

It's up to you now to take this gift, this new year, and to make it great.

Go on, take courage – you know you can do it!

‘The object of a New Year is not that we should have a new year.
It is that we should have a new soul’

G. K. Chesterton

*Taken from my book 'A Sense of Joy', available on and

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