The Choice Is Ours


One of the major tenets of the kind of therapy I practice is that though we may not be able to choose the experiences we encounter, we can choose our response to those experiences.

When we are quite young we don’t have nearly as much choice – we react much more than we act.

As we age and move forward with our life, it’s easy to continue this pattern of responding, even though we are no longer children.

This makes life much harder than it needs to be.

When we realize that we do have a choice, that we can choose to perceive and interpret experiences and events in a more positive way – and then begin to act on this – we free ourselves from past ‘programming’ and allow ourselves to function in a more helpful and positive way.

Those who accomplish great things function in exactly the same world as those who do not. The difference lies in their interpretation, their perception: Attitude influences reality.

So much of what happens in the world is beyond our control. But the way we respond to it is within our control. In choosing to see ourselves as empowered, and then taking empowering, effective action, we actually alter our reality.

When we focus our reality on meaningful values and purposeful goals, then we really can respond differently to life. We have the power to live such wonderful lives.

With a tweak of attitude we can change for the better and so more fully live.

'Everything is created twice, first in the mind and then in reality'
– Robin S. Sharma
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